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AMG 5.5L TT V8 M157

Get more out of your AMG 5.5l TT V8 M157 with the exclusive PP-Performance VIP-Tuning. A maximum performance increase you would normally only experience in racing.



Go! With your maximum acceleration between 0-100 km/h you will leave anyone else behind you. Tune your vehicle with performance optimization by PP-Performance.



Even more torque for more trust! With a precise measurement of the engine, PP-Performance will make the most out of your car.



Fasten your seat belt because we will bring your maximum speed to a new level. Experience the need for speed with PP-Performance and your optimized vehicle.



PP-Performance is pushing the limits of performance. The exclusive tuning package for your vehicle contains a motor sport software, turbocharger upgrade, racing air filter, high-flow catless downpipes, intercooler upgrade, titanium exhaust system, water methanol boost cooler, heat insulation of the intake system and many more.


The special optimization of the engine control will provide your AMG 5.5l TT V8 M157 with better torque characteristics, substantially faster acceleration and new maximum speeds.

Turbocharger Upgrade Stage 4 with 1.6 bar boost

Make the most out of your turbo with the PP-Performance turbocharger upgrade! Unlike common turbochargers, this one delivers more thrust and a better acceleration due to the adapted boost.

High Flow Catless Downpipes with High Performance Heat Insulation

The replacement of the standard catalytic converter reduces the counter pressure and increases performance. Apart from that, the catless downpipes also reduce wear and tear and relieve your turbocharger.

Intercooler Upgrade

Ideal cooling is essential for your engine. Our tuning experts highly recommend the installation of a suitable intercooler particularly in case of vehicles with turbocharger, G-Lader or compressor.

Exhaust system

As lightweight construction is a major aspect in racing, the high-quality exhaust system leads to a massive weight reduction. This means, it does not only beat common exhaust systems when it comes to quality.

Gearbox reinforcement with software

When your vehicle is subject to high stress, it will also directly affect the transmission. Reinforced clutches including special PP-Performance programming for more torque transmission and faster switching times offer the perfect solution for you.

Adapted exhaust manifolds

Your vehicle should ideally utilize all available energy. For this reason, the special manifolds redirect exhaust gases into the turbocharger to create more thrust and a more efficient drive.

Water Methanol Boost Cooler

The special water methanol boost cooler is used for the cooling of the charge air temperature which is also common in racing. It provides for a maximum cylinder charge with the best possible knock properties.

Motorsport intake system

The specially manufactured intake system provides for a perfect air flow in spite of high rotational speeds and high engine stresses, especially during rapid acceleration.

Heat insulation for the entire intake system

To make sure that the hot air from the engine compartment does not heat up the intake air, the heat insulation of the entire intake system contributes to the comprehensive cooling and keeps your engine cool, even under high stress.

Racing spark plugs

In racing, racing spark plugs often have to withstand high stresses of more than 15,000 rpm and ensure the perfect spark and better knock properties.


All facts at a glance

To make sure that you keep track of all facts for your AMG 5.5l TT V8 M157 we summarized the most important features and performance increases.



Maximum acceleration from 0 to 100 thanks to your exclusive engine tuning. Experience your vehicle with high-end performance optimization by PP-Performance.



More torque, more thrust, optimized for your best performance! With the precise measurement of the engine, PP-Performance will make the most out of your car.



Higher speed through Vmax removal, optimized for your best performance! With the precise measurement of the engine, PP-Performance will get the best performance out of your car.


Acceleration 0-100km/h

Beat your best time with a perfect start. With selected tuning your AMG 5.5l TT V8 M157 will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds.


Acceleration 100-200km/h

Better, faster, stronger! In order to maximize the acceleration to 200 km/h, selected tuning will make you reach a record time of 4.8 seconds.



PP-Performance’s high quality promises the best price for a unique, professional service.


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