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We lead, others follow

The story

We are one of the leading companies in the tuning industry and the renowned expert in the field of engine, turbo, compressor and exhaust technology for road and racing vehicles. The many years of experience of our technical experts and the use of the most modern tools and measuring instruments have given us the opportunity for years to get the optimum performance out of any vehicle. But our rise to become the market-leading tuning company began small and modest in commissions for Jimmy's friend and current business partner Salah Alamoudi. The Emiratis super sports cars, which were still in serial production at that time, were optimized in 2006 by Jimmy Pelka to an unprecedented level of performance, beyond good and evil. The customers were so satisfied with the work of the young German that they talked about founding a company in the capital city of Abu Dhabi over coffee, tea and cars on a dreamy Arabian night. Our main headquarter PP-Performance Middle East today is one of the largest and most modern halls, where maximum performance enhancements and the most stylish finishings on the latest super and hypercars are tested and implemented. Through our unique software solutions, we have already set numerous international records and provided our vehicles for the Hollywood blockbuster Fast & Furious 7. We also presented our world of high-performance tuning on RTL II on GRIP - The Motor Magazine and other well-known TV stations. Our love for engine technology, cars and tuning will continue our history, so we are committed to continuous development true to our motto - We lead, others follow.

Driven by values

Our values

Values ​​and principles play a very special role at PP-Performance. With regard to our quality, the customer experience, our communication and the entire corporate identity, we strive for the highest standards, which we gradually set ourselves anew.

Inner drive

Our customers are our engine. We stand for maximum performance increase and strive for the best results every day, for our customers and their cars.


At PP-Performance we love our work, we do what we are passionate about and we want to create unforgettable experiences for our customers.


We are an international community, a large family, so to speak, and we live friendly relationships with our employees, customers and partners.

Our vision

At PP-Performance we have set ourselves the goal of creating the best possible driving experience that every customer and their vehicle deserve. In addition, we want to convince by the quality of our work and be recognized by the automotive industry as an important and well-known brand in the areas of engine, turbo, compressor and exhaust technology for road and racing vehicles.

Abu Dhabi

His extraordinary results quickly spread and he met his current friend and business partner Salah Alamoudi, with whom he founded the headquarter in Abu Dhabi.


Foundation of PP-Performance GmbH

In 2010, the car mechanic Jimmy Pelka decided to bring his expertise in the field of chip tuning to the market in europe and founded the German tuning company PP-Performance GmbH.



The excellent reputation quickly extends to Australia, where our partner Evolve Technik does an excellent job and provides our customers in and around Melbourne with high-quality software from PP-Performance.


TV appearance at GRIP

Jimmy Pelka enters the television world for the first time through the RTL II - TV show "GRIP - the motor magazine" and gives an insight into the sacred halls of PP-Performance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - our tuning becomes very popular with viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Fast & Furious 7

We lead, others follow. According to this motto, we have the honor to make a contribution by providing our vehicles and our expertise to the Hollywood blockbuster "Fast & Furious 7" in Abu Dhabi.


China and Switzerland

The expansion continues and we are looking forward to further growth from China and Switzerland in the now large PP family - now we can put a smile on the face of even more customers around the globe.


Enlargement to 3500m² with 25 lifts

Game changer. We move into our new workshop in Abu Dhabi with 3500m² area and 25 lifting platforms in order to be able to satisfy even more customers with our high-quality tuning and services.


das Handwerk

Why it is worth learning a craft and becoming successful without having to complete a degree. Jimmy Pelka shows this up close by explaining how his craft works and how passionate and ambitious people can build a successful company.


Enlargement to 6500m² with 35 lifts

Next one. We are expanding our performance forge in Abu Dhabi again, this time to 6500m² with 35 lifts, for an even better customer experience and new opportunities to get the best out of your vehicle.



こんにちは or Hello to Japan. Together with our friends from Liberty Walk, the experts in custom body kit tuning, we are conquering the Japanese market and impressively showing how design and performance can be skillfully combined and breathtaking unique pieces can be created.