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About the company

We are one of the leading companies in the tuning industry and the renowned expert in the field of engine, turbo, compressor and exhaust technology for road and racing vehicles. The many years of experience of our technical experts and the use of the most modern tools and measuring instruments have given us the opportunity for years to get the optimum performance out of any vehicle. Our main headquarter PP-Performance Middle East today is one of the largest and most modern halls, where maximum performance enhancements and the most stylish finishings on the latest super and hypercars are tested and implemented. Through our unique software solutions, we have already set numerous international records and provided our vehicles for the Hollywood blockbuster Fast & Furious 7. Our love for engine technology, cars and tuning will continue our history, so we are committed to continuous development true to our motto - We lead, others follow.

Known from

We have already given insight into the sacred halls of PP-Performance and our achievements in numerous TV programs, and we also had the honor of providing our powerful racing cars for the Hollywood blockbuster Fast & Furious 7.

It's all about numbers

The facts

Since its foundation by Jimmy Pelka and Salah Alamoudi PP-Performance has established itself as one of the leading companies in the tuning sector and breaks international records by its many years of experience in the areas of engine technology and maximum value enhancement.


Tuned cars

They race across motorways, the Drag Race and through movies such as The Fast and The Furious 7. PP-Performance inspires motorsport fans worldwide with best performances and individual car tuning.


Satisfied customers

International dealers and private customers trust in the exclusive tuning services from PP-Performance and sustainably ensure less CO2 emissions and a clean environment while experiencing more driving enjoyment.


Locations worldwide

We are always there for you. We guarantee the best service for your car and professional consulting through many years of experience with more than 20 locations on 5 continents.

What's behind you doesn't matter


The exclusive car tuning for more power, lower fuel consumption and maximum driving experience. Optimum values by chip tuning, removal of the Vmax restriction, TÜV certificate and warranty on request let our customers drive on the fast lane.

Performance tuning

Company founder Jimmy Pelka writes the tuning software individually for your car. Only this way an optimal result can be achieved which does not damage your car or the environment.

Vmax removal

The removal of the maximum speed limit preset by car manufacturers is included in every performance tuning. The vehicle is no longer throttled electronically. As a result maximum driving experience is guaranteed.

Eco-tuning and utility cars

Again the software is optimized, but this time performance has not priority. Instead in an eco-tuning it’s more about lowering the fuel consumption. Depending on the driving style and the car type savings up to 15% are possible.


Upon request we offer a warranty for the engine and the power train. Our partner NSA warranty insures your vehicle up to the age of 5 years.

TÜV registration

Of course, the performance increase can be registered in the papers. You get a TÜV certificate for presentation at the local registration office.

Performance dynamometer

Trust is good, control is better! The in-house dyno from the market leader MAHA delivers TÜV approved results.

Teamwork in its purest form

Brands & partners

Through our long term experience we keep trust in high quality brands to create the best value of innovative performance. In close collaboration with our international partners we set new goals and seek to become greater than ever. Our clients appreciate our sensitivity, since they drive the difference.


Explore more

Explore more

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