Monday, 28.September.2015


Power food stuff for MB 4-L-V8 BITURBO engines by PP-PERFORMANCE

New stages of power upgrading appear in the result of experiences lasting many years, in order to reach the reliance on approved brands. In this frame, the PP-Performance GmbH at the Baden-Wuerttemberg city of Weissbach is setting new standards – together with another international cooperation partners. The company's founder Przemyslaw – since many years better known as Jimmy – PELKA controls carefully the data development and the engine set-up. By the way, he is the only one who writes the software for all PP-Performance subsidiaries. Thus, the customers, however, learn the difference in comparison to all kind of “conventional” in the truest sense of the word.

Starting point this time was the recent Mercedes-Benz 4 liters V8 biturbo engine that is installed in the C and GT class AMG versions. Via chip tuning and after PP-Performance “surgical intervention” 613 HP (= 451 kW) with 769 Nm of max. torque, 307 kmph (190 mph) of Vmax and 3.59 seconds for the sprint distance are elicited out of the 3,982 cm³ sized C-class engine instead of serial 510 HP (= 375 kW) of power, 700 Nm of max. torque, limited 250 kmph (155mph) Vmax and exactly four seconds for the sprint from zero up to 100 kmph (60 mph). The GT class serial values – 510 HP (= 375 kW), 650 Nm, 310 kmph (192 mph) Vmax and 3.80 seconds from zero up to 100 kmph (60 mph) – look after “cure” as follows: 610 HP (= 449 kW) of power with 765 Nm of max. torque, 324 kmph (201 mph) of Vmax and 3.40 seconds for the above-mentioned sprint. In both cases, the chip tuning is available for 2,899 Euro. Who wants to have more, has the opportunity to get another 33 HP out of the engine by installing a racing filter (199 Euro), a catless kit (2,499 Euro) and the belonging to it engine characteristics optimization.

Innovative optimization of road admitted and racing car engines are in the focus of PP-Performance since 1998. Besides own developments, there is also a large range of various products for the efficient exploitation of present capacities. In any case, a request without engagement is worth to be made in Weissbach. At this point, we want to refer to the tuning configurator, to be found under the address in the tuning section. This feature permits to choose engine and the possible tuning options, but also to have a look at possibilities of power upgrade and prices.

Photos: PP-Performance GmbH

Who wants to know more about the highly professional tuning work on cars and engines, can get this information directly from

PP-Performance GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 3
74679 Weißbach
Tel: 07947 / 43 60 16
Mobil: 0172 / 32 629 46

Thursday, 24.September.2015


AUDI RS3 as Safety Car after optimization by FOSTLA.DE

Who wants to make his serial car distinctively individual one, may address himself trustfully to at Seelze near Hanover. It is namely there where partial and full wrapping with its uncontested pros in comparison to car painting is daily bread. The company own design department is constantly strived to materialize even the most fancy customer wishes professionally and with absolute perfection, for what General Manager Darius WALLAT, by the way, keeps watching jealously. Furthermore, the team from Lower Saxony is – as everyone knows – PP-Performance cooperation partner, and that is not without consequences, as we will see later on …

This time, an Audi RS3 is subject of experience, in order to present it after “optical cure” as Safety Car. Therefore, at first there will be applied a white full wrapping corresponding to design draft, with subsequent racing design wrapping. Then the Lower Saxony team of professionals makes a partial wrapping of the rims and a stylish tinting of windows, front and rear lamps. The total price of the wrapping works amounts up to 3,900 Euro.

The team as renowned PP-Performance contract dealer for Hanover and whole Northern Germany is of course also active in fields of power uprating. Therefore, the crew gave the RS3 a PP-Performance stage 3 tuning, which means: Via chip tuning the serial 340 HP (= 250 kW) become now 450 HP (= 331 kW) with amazing 600 Nm of maximal torque instead of the serial 450 Nm. The sprint from 0 to 100 kmph (60 mph) takes less than 4 seconds and the final vmax reaches about 310 kmph (190 mph). Without any doubts, the BMC racing filter, the charge air cooler and the made by Wagner, Muehlstedt, down pipe blame for these dream values. Not to forget the Milltek sports exhaust system. The uprating demands another 7,900 Euro.


Now, nothing hampers to use this Safety Car. For additional information concerning this Audi RS3 Safety Car please contact directly
Darius WALLAT (General Manager)
Stoeckener Strasse 49
D-30926 Seelze
Phone +49 511 / 700 365 18
Fax +49 511 / 700 365 19
Mobile +49 170 / 813 94 22

Wednesday, 22.April.2015

PP-PERFORMANCE - Fast & Furious 7

PP-PERFORMANCE preparing cars for featuring in Fast & Furious 7

PP-Performance is known worldwide for really extraordinary car tuning, when it matters to increase car performance on the road. Either the “germ cell” at the fantastic Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as also the Europe central in Germany at D-74679 Weissbach exists thanks to the long years of experience of Jimmy PELKA and Salah ALAMOUDI. And the “hand-picked” appointed dealers around the globe have always a surprise in stock!

Thus, it does not astonish nobody and, in fact, it is even consequently that in the beginning of 2014 no less of person than the maker/s of the movie serial “Fast & Furious” knocked on the doors of PP-Performance: for the shown in German cinemas since early April 2015 movie “Fast & Furious 7” about twenty already modified by PP-P cars were about to be especially prepared for film shooting. It is comprehensible that no one will miss such kind of “stepping stone” into the fascinating world of movie! About two and a half weeks in March 2014 in Abu Dhabi – a 1001 nights dream having become true – the film shooting was made “ensorcelled” by PP-P cars. The whole PP-P team was there for any eventuality.

The attended with bated breath PP-Performance cars have been equipped for their action by tinted windows, so that the stunt drivers were not to be recognized when filming. Three of the vehicles have been changed in color unceremoniously: A former red painted Dodge Viper is now a black one (Michelle RODRIGUEZ), a Ferrari 458 Italia was red, now it is yellow (Ludacris), and a Lamborghini Aventador LP700 (Jason STATHAM) was changed from polished black to mat black. Of course, the actors – Vin DIESEL, Ludacris, Tyrese, Michelle RODRIGUEZ, Nathalie EMMANUEL and the brothers of deceased Paul WALKER – were flabbergasted about the cars' performance, having such ones in “civil” version in their own garage.

Just at the first shooting day a Bugatti – the only not tuned vehicle – went out of service, because the stunt drivers had not any experience with this kind of bolides. Nevertheless, thanks to the presence of the PP-Performance team, the troubles could be patched. Fortunately, none of the cars was damaged. For the shooting, also helicopters have been used, and the necessary road closures have been kindly organized by the Abu Dhabi government. By the way, the movie team has affirmed to come back with pleasure to PP-P-cars in case of eventual new movie shootings at Abu Dhabi.

There was an incident with actor Ludacris that is worth to be mentioned here: after dinner, the US-American rapper asked Thomas KELESSIS of the PP-Performance team to drive him to the film set. Thomas gave him the keys for the Golf Caddy instead. Ludacris was so happy like a little child and immediately, he surrounded the whole movie shooting terrain together with Thomas and another team member on the back seats. His funny clips he posted then on Instagram and Facebook …

Last not least please allow us to give a hint concerning the “T-shirt-project”. Each actor has got a T-Shirt with PP-logo etc. The very next day, Ludacris put it on and made photos of to post them finally. That is what one can call “prompt advertising” in the word's truest sense.

Photos: PP-Performance LLC

For more information concerning the “trip” into the world of movie please contact directly

PP-Performance GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 3
74679 Weißbach
Tel: 07947 / 43 60 16
Mobil: 0172 / 32 629 46

Monday, 02.February.2015

World records with tuned by PP-PERFORMANCE PP-911

Those, whose supreme priority of car performance in the sense of ever lasting output boost is the concentrated automobile engine power in general can simply not go around PP-Performance. Not only for the German branch of the enterprise at Weissbach the name of the game is „We are leading, others are following“, the same motto applies also to the kind of “hand-picked” licensed dealers.

No less a figure than the Porsche 911 Turbo, the origins of which go back to the year 1963 (!) with more than 50 years of history, because this car is considered as being quite rightly the brand's pinnacle, is this time the object of desire, although the serial performance of this bolide has no reason to be hidden.

The team of professionals of the PP-Performance company has put some more oomph into the probably most known Zuffenhausen sports car forge family member. Now, after “surgical intervention” by PP-Performance, the serial 520 HP (=382 kW) with 660 Nm of max. torque have become 670 HP (= 493 kW) with 820 Nm of max. torque. This way impressing acceleration values can be reached: sprint from zero up to 60 mph is made within 2.5 instead of the serial 3.4 seconds. Thus, this 911 Turbo equals with Bugatti Veyron 16.4. By the way – the latter has already reached quite a number of speed world records. Instead of 11.1 seconds of the serial version, the 120 mph limit is reached by PP-911 within 8.2 seconds already from zero! And so, the 9.8 seconds world record in the corresponding class for the ¼ mile on dragstrip is no wonder at all.

At that, the „surgical intervention“ into the engine techniques is more purposeful than grave. Among others, there are to be mentioned the PP-Performance Digital Racing Box, IPD intake plenum, 3-to-1 headers, downpipes, x-pipe and BMC high performance air filters. The tuning price for this really exceptional Porsche is of 11,999 Euro.

Video clip: World record ¼ mile !!! 9.8s !!!

Photos: PP-Performance GmbH

For more information concerning this Porsche 911 Turbo please contact directly

PP-Performance GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 3
74679 Weißbach
Tel: 07947 / 43 60 16
Mobil: 0172 / 32 629 46

Wednesday, 17.December.2014


The main head quarter of PP-Performance is at Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, as everyone knows. But its roots are at Weissbach, Germany. Besides the spread nearly all over the world branches, since 1998 there is a German subsidiary site under direction of Jimmy PELKA in the Swabian Weissbach. Its flags show not without pride the slogan Tuning in Perfection. Innumerous examples of the absolute materialization of even this motto are to be admired everywhere on the roads around the globe.

To set one’s hand to a Ferrari nearly is lese majesty – from the Italian standpoint. But that is no argument for PP-Performance! This time, the team of professionals in a dauntless way treats a Ferrari F12berlinetta – not in conventional red, by the way, but sooner in innocent white. But the outer appearance does not attract the interest of the Swabian masters of art. Furthermore, the matter is to tune the so called inner values of the bolide. Some few, but nevertheless well conceived modifications are made at Weissbach on the lengthwise in front installed 6.3-liters-V12-engine. There will to be mentioned at first the installation of a BMC Race filter, then the complete FI (Frequency Intelligent) catless exhaust system, which without any doubts has a not insignificant part of the power explosion when acting the accelerator pedal. But the crown of the engine “surgery” is nevertheless the optimization of the engine control by means of company own software.

For the complete kit PP-Performance demands 14,999 Euro including VAT. Therefore, you will have now 795 “perky horses” (= 585 kW) with 730 Nm of max. torque under the bonnet – instead of the serial 740 HP (= 544 kW) with 690 Nm of torque. That means spurt from 0 to 100 kmph (0...60 mph) within 2.9 seconds (serially 3.1 sec) and from 0 to 200 kmph in 8.0 seconds (serially 8.5 seconds). Tuned this way it is quite simple to be ahead of all kind of speed freaks on road and race track!

Photo: PP-Performance GmbH

For more information concerning this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta please contact directly

PP-Performance GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 3
74679 Weißbach
Tel: 07947 / 43 60 16
Mobil: 0172 / 32 629 46

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